Case Study: AKM FOODS – KFC Franchise Management Company

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AKM Foods originally required us to convert an internal PHP reporting portal and data importer to a newer PHP version due to packages being deprecated. The requirement however changed due to a change in how the data gets recorded, making the PHP portal redundant.

The project was shifted to providing data synchronization of the new data warehouse as well as mapping of the new data structure to reports that we could provide in a new portal.

An on-site, later cloud-based server was configured and mapped to the data warehouse and set-up to periodically pull the latest data for localized reporting. This was linked to a new portal that we developed in .NET and featured some extra reports that we could tailor to both their security and reporting requirements.

Along with this process new sensors to allow tracking times at various intervals for efficiency were added that needed to be synced to the local database to allow integration with existing reporting.

Credit: Team Leader – Joel Darier

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