Privacy Policy

Last updated: 26 May 2022

Proposed Solution & Requirements

Workshops & analysis is crucial to understand and identify our clients’ business requirements.

Project Management

We follow a waterfall-based methodology for managing and developing clients’ projects. Regular meetings are held to discuss priorities and goals, in line with client expectations.

Integrated Support

Our ability to integrate with any platform underpins our ability to execute our client’s requirements and achieve success for our customers. If there is an available API we will be able to integrate with that platform.

Solution Cost Summary Including Licencing Fees

Costs are based on initial discussions, documentation and information provided and may be revised should additional requirements be included. Hosting rates may be affected by exchange rate fluctuations.

Support & Maintenance

The following will be covered in detail per agreed contract and/or SLA:

  • Monthly/Annual License Fee Upgrades & Software Fault Resolutions
  • Telephonic & Remote Support
  • Support not covered as part of the cost
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Working Hours
  • Exclusions
  • Confidentiality
  • System Hardware Requirements
  • License Functionality


Client and Developer information is confidential. Both parties agree to all confidentiality obligations, present day and future.


We agree to:

  • Promote the protection of personal information
  • Comply with how information is collected, used, stored, retained & destroyed
  • Promote the right to privacy
  • Accept accountability for how personal information is collected and processed
  • Comply with the limit on information required for the purpose that it is being collected for
  • Adhere to purpose specific information collection and processing
  • Enforce safekeeping of personal information by taking appropriate measures to secure the integrity and confidentiality of this information