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Ritha Steenkamp, owner of Dance Kids joined us for an Interview. Entrepreneur, mom of three, running enthusiast! Our very first CloudSquad client. We are so proud of the special relationships built through Arksoft & CloudSquad.

Where did it all start?
When I took ownership of Dance Kids in 2008 we grew to 250 students in a very short period the same year. In 2022 we’re close to 800 students.

Let’s talk about the challenges you faced before switching to CloudSquad
Everything was on paper! I provided the schools with paperwork; they had to in turn distribute all forms and any communication via the kids to the parents. Backwards and forwards paper was moved like the olden days when you had to send a letter via ship with the hope it’ll reach its destination. For a good 10 years Excel was our go to. Many times we lost all our records and had to start all over. Parents received no invoices! Payments due was written in a book and one by one marked as paid or not. A very tedious and painful process at the time.

How did you feel about the big change to a cloud-based system vs manual processing?
Word of mouth promoted Arksoft as an outstanding Software Company. Together, with patient and professional support from day one I knew I was in safe hands. Arksoft’s background made it easy to take the step forward, trusting them to be by my side every step of the way.

What was your none-negotiable need?
Online registrations! The amount of paperwork, time and effort put into registrations are unthinkable; CloudSquad takes care of all of that. Member online registrations are quick and easy and the processing on our end is painless.

Why did you choose CloudSquad instead of another similar product?
Arksoft is a trusted Software Development Company. It’s a noteworthy organization with immaculate business solutions skills. Even though they’re based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, they serve clients outside South Africa as well. Successful company with a great reputation!

What feature do you enjoy most?
There’s too many to mention! If I must highlight something specific, statements it is. The reporting on statement details is such a big plus for our organization. A variety of filter options make our lives so easy: outstanding amounts, even clothing sizes, schools, teachers to only name a few. The Export to Excel function is a great help to further manipulate data if and when the need arises.

Tell us about your experience with our Team
I am so grateful for the support throughout the onboarding and configuration process. The team is professional, patient and extremely helpful. During Covid, Arksoft added a Video Function to the system to assist me in continuing with lessons. Thanks again Arksoft!

What would you say about your return on investment?
Manual processing increases exponentially as the number of students grows. CloudSquad irons out the admin overload. Time, money and effort saver. Absolutely worth the investment.

How do you find our after sales support?
The CloudSquad team is always eager to assist. Through the years I’ve spent many hours with them; discussing upgrades, attending training sessions etc. They are there when I need them! They taught me well; working the system yourself and understanding the system is crucial.

Any advice to potential clients looking to make a change?
You should’ve signed up for CloudSquad yesterday already!

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